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General Directions: Bucquoy Road Cemetery is situated on the D919 heading south from Arras to Ayette. The Cemetery is on the right hand side of the road, 9 kilometres from Arras, just before a crossroads with the D36 between Ficheux and Boisleux-au-Mont. 

In November 1916, the village of Ficheux was behind the German front line, but by April 1917, the German withdrawal had taken the line considerably east of the village and in April and May, the VII Corps Main Dressing Station was posted near for the Battles of Arras. It was followed by the 20th and 43rd Casualty Clearing Stations, which remained at Boisleux-au-Mont until March 1918, and continued to use the Bucquoy Road Cemetery begun by the field ambulances. From early April to early August 1918 the cemetery was not used but in September and October, the 22nd, 30th and 33rd Casualty Clearing Stations came to Boisleux-au-Mont and extended it. By the date of the Armistice, it contained 1,166 burials but was greatly increased when graves were brought in from the surrounding battlefields and from small cemeteries in the neighbourhood.

The more sizeable of the small cemeteries concentrated into Bucquoy Road Cemetery were the following:

BOIRY-STE. RICTRUDE BRITISH CEMETERY, on the West side of that village, contained 16 graves of soldiers from the United Kingdom (mainly 56th (London) Division), who fell in March and April, 1917.

BOISLEUX-ST. MARC BRITISH CEMETERY, between Boisleux-st Marc and Boyelles, contained ten graves of soldiers from the United Kingdom (nine of the 2/1st London Regiment) who fell in March and May, 1917.

BOISLEUX-ST. MARC MILITARY CEMETERY (or MERCATEL ROAD CEMETERY), South of Mercatel, contained eleven graves of soldiers from the United Kingdom who fell in March and April, 1917.

CROSS ROADS CEMETERY, BOISLEUX-ST. MARC, a little East of that village, contained 25 graves of soldiers from the United Kingdom (18 of the 1st London Scottish) who fell in August and September, 1918.

BUSHES CEMETERY, BOISLEUX-ST. MARC, a little South of that village, containing 17 graves of soldiers of the 1st Grenadier Guards who fell in March and April, 1918.

HAMELINCOURT BRITISH CEMETERY, between Courcelles and Hamelincourt, contained the graves of eight soldiers of the 3rd Grenadier Guards who fell on the 22nd-24th August, 1918.

HAMELINCOURT COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, contained 20 graves of soldiers from the United Kingdom who fell in March, August and September, 1918.

MONCHY-AU-BOIS BRITISH CEMETERY, on the North-East side of that village, contained the graves of 14 soldiers (twelve of the 42nd (East Lancs) Division) who fell in March, 1918.

HENIN-SUR-COJEUL GERMAN CEMETERY, in the South-West quarter of that village, where 28 soldiers from the United Kingdom were buried by their comrades in April and May, 1917.

The cemetery now contains 1,901 burials and commemorations of the First World War. 168 of the burials are unidentified but there are special memorials to 23 casualties known or believed to be buried among them. Other special memorials commemorate 21 casualties buried by their comrades in Henin-sur-Cojeul German Cemetery, whose graves could not be found on concentration.

The cemetery was used again in May 1940 for the burial of troops killed during the German advance. There are 136 burials and commemorations of the Second World War; 26 of the burials are unidentified and special memorials commemorate 39 soldiers whose graves in the cemetery could not be specifically located.

The cemetery was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens & George Hartley Goldsmith


Shot at Dawn: 45688 Private J. B. Milburn, 24th/27th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers, executed for desertion 08/11/1917. Plot 2. C. 8.

Shot at Dawn: 46127 Private E. Horler, 12th Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment, executed for desertion 17/02/1918. Plot 2. L. 14.

The mass pardon of 306 British Empire soldiers executed for certain offences during the Great War was enacted in section 359 of the Armed Forces Act 2006, which came into effect on royal assent on 8 November 2006.


Casualty Details: UK 1453, Canada 447, India 1, Total Burials: 1901


 28945 Private

John Darley Denton

1st Bn. Grenadier Guards


Husband of Ethel Foyson Denton.
Son of John Darley and A Denton of 173 Dean Road, Scarborough

Plot VI. F. 13.


Image courtesy of granddaughter Mrs M. Julie Taylor


Second Lieutenant

Harry Mitchell

7th Bn. Manchester Regiment


Plot II. H. 21.


He was married to Ethel Mitchell (nee Slater) and lived in Oldham. They had two sons Harry Ensor, and my father George Kenneth. George was born 3 months after the death of his father.

 Harry wrote some beautiful love letters to my Grandmother, the most poignant being the final letter saying what was planned and that he was confident that all would be well.

I have the telegram that my Grandmother received and the final cheque that she received from my grandfather, which arrived after his death but which she felt she could not cash in.

 Picture courtesy of Cassandra Gouriet, Lt. Mitchell's granddaughter


325363 Private

Joseph Wilkinson Tunstall

9th Bn. Durham Light Infantry

06/09/1917, aged 32.

Son of William and Alice Tunstall; husband of Elizabeth McNaughton (formerly Tunstall), of High Spen, Rowlands Hill, Co. Durham. Native of Greenside, Ryton.

Plot I. L. 2.


Picture courtesy of Alan Tunstall



59472 Private

Marmaduke William Smith

26th (Tyneside Irish) Bn.

Northumberland Fusiliers

21/12/1917, aged 36.

Son of the late Joseph and Eleanor Smith; husband of Eva May Smith, of 12, St. Thomas St., Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Plot II. C. 17.


All pictures courtesy of Ben McNiff

Letter home

Envelope showing that the letter had been checked by the Base Censor.


G/2513 Private

Frank Cameron

7th Bn. The Buffs

(East Kent Regiment)

03/05/1917, aged 34.

Son of Kenneth and Jessie Cameron, of Londuth, Poolewe, Ross-shire; husband of Helen Watson Cameron, of 33, Marylebone Lane, Wigmore St., London.

Plot I. E. 5.

Pictures courtesy of great nephew, Ewen Hardie



Frank's grave is second left with the flowers on top of the cross





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